Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine.

Hello there. I know I said my next post was going to be "The Last Song Review" but i decided since I saw "Hot tub time machine" I figured i would write a brief review of it.

"Hot tub time machine", hot tub time machine, hot tub time machine. The name just roles off the tongue. Why aren't most comedies today like this one. It's a film that doesn't try to imitate other movies or do homages to other films. it's just a wacky buddy picture with lot's of over the top sex  jokes.

I didn't have low expectations for this film nor did I have high ones. I new what kind of comedy it was going to be. The title says it all. It's about four guys who travel back in time in a hot tube time machine. there hasn't been a title this good since "Snakes on a Plane". I don't understand why these film makers try to come up with these elaborate titles for comedies. They should just name them about what their about. For example the new film with Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler called The Bounty Hunter. What a boring name.

Any how the film follows the typical buddy picture formula. There are the three main friends and the nephew of one of the friends played by John Cusak. There's the loud mouth crazy looser and the one who is basically his wife's bitch because she's cheating on him.

The four guys decide to head up to a place called Kodiack valley where they three friends once had wild and crazy times. However the town is not like that anymore. it's rundown and every place is going out of business. The four stay in a lodge where they once stayed and even in their same room.

One nigh they party in a hot tub time machine ( god I love saying that) and they go back to the 80's. At first they try to keep everything the same to not mess the future up but then they decide since their lives suck, to change things up a bit and it works out for them.

This film wasn't excellent but it was better than about half the comedies out there. Yeah the jokes get kind of repeditive after a while and there is an awful lot of swearing but it's a fun little time travel adventure. Much like the Bill and Ted films. And it has perhaps the greatest line in comedy movie history. After they discover that they traveled back in time one of the friends played by craig Robinson says "It must be some kind of hot tub time machine," and then looks a the camera. 

All the cast works well together, they are all fairly funny even the young one. I didn't think John Cusak would ever consider being in a film like this but he was funny. The only one who didn't really work was the magical hot tub repair man played by Chevy Chase. He didn't have that big a part and he wasn't funny.

Yes I know Hot tub time machine will not win any awards or will it be liked by most people but if your looking for a fun comedy to see with some good jokes and a fairly original plot than go see it. 

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